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Is God good?

That's the BIG question, huh? Perhaps it is the BIGGEST of all the BIG questions. 

How can he be good if there is so much bad in the world? How can he be good when children die and wars rage? How can he be good with terminal cancer and terrorist set on cruelty and destruction?

And how can God be good when, in the Bible itself, God destroys all of mankind, short of his Noah and his family? And how can God be good when he orders King Saul to wipe out all of the Amalekites, including women and children?

It is not until we step back far enough that we get a perspective that opens our eyes.


The actions of God cannot be understood without some knowledge of God. God is good. His nature and personality are good.  And his actions are good. Always. All the time. The turning point in seeing God in this way is seeing what his purposes are from the beginning of time to the end of time. And this is not seen overnight or from a starting point of anger. 

Studying God reveals why he does things.  And it reveals how the things that he does are a part of his set plan. Yes, there is evil and loss at the center of that plan. But that plan is redemptive. Redemptive? God's plan draws people towards his grace and forgiveness and mercy and goodness. This is seen most clearly and most dearly when we seek to know him and understand him. Give it a try. Seek him. Seek to know him. 

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