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There are times in life that we are moved to seek God. We sense a need. We feel things are wrong and we cannot fix them. 

On one hand we believe we as people have a good side, a creative, a loving side. 

And on the other hand we also believe that people have a dark side. We can be mean and cruel, self-destructive, and awfully prideful. 

And sometimes the bad side seems greater than the good side.

It's true, God made us with great potential for good. And it is true, there is something in each of us that is bad. 

The bad cannot be fixed without God. We cannot do it on our own. We need God. 

Jesus came to earth to save us. To save us from sin and save us from ourselves. 

Please call us if this is where your head and heart is at. We want to open the doors for you to be forgiven, to be changed, to know a life that has greater depth and joy. 818-353-8080

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