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God. Jesus Christ. Scripture. 

Laughter. Honesty. Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Teaching. Worship. Friendship and acceptance. 

The glory of God. The goodness of God. The greatness of God.

Grace. Hope. Joy. Forgiveness.

Flawed. Imperfect. Quirky. 

We are an old church. We've been in Tujunga for just over 50 years. We're a small church. We're not mega. And we don't particularly want to be. We want to be a local church in the local community meeting the needs in our city. 

We're an eclectic church. Bikers and professionals and some happily retired. Hispanics, Armenians, whites, blacks, asians, etc, etc. Young and pesky. Old and spunky. Married and busy. Single and in college. Divorced and moving on. Business owners and minimum wage earners. Readers and gardeners and RV'ers and basketball players. 

We are a hospital of sorts. We're all broken. We need something outside of ourselves to fix us, heal us, and forgive us.

We are followers of Jesus Christ. His disciples. His students. We seek to learn from him and become like him. We need him. 

Community Christian Church is on Tujunga Canyon Blvd between Commerce Ave and the Tujunga Post Office. 

Our Sunday service is at 10:00am. 

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