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Prayer List - 4/7/24

Please Pray for...  Lannette, healing of her cancer. Margie, stress at work. Trinity, health problems. Maria & family, looking for God. Pallas family, death of their six week old child. Shayne & Knox, in foster homes. Linda, healing from Leukemia. Soruanna, young mother with cancer. 

Griselda, stress, husband health. Cheryl, husband health problems. Brad & Amy's wedding. Therese's mom. Joyce, the sale of her house, her health, & her family. 

Maggie & Winston. David & Daniel. Cori, work issues. Friday night NA women. Bruce.

Daniel Mitchell. Darell Lee. Good News Club. Ronnie, addiction. Cobin family. Katherine's mom. Sergio, to see his kids. 

Miranda & Aracely. Jeff & Kevin. Robby's pain. L.A.P.D. For the CCC & GNC & Uganda & N. Korean kids. Hope of the Valley & Teen Challenge.

Frank, cancer. Sean & Marline, finances. Erin, business concerns, difficult decisions. Those struggling with sobriety. Justin & Mia's relationship. 

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