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Prayer List - 6/4/23

Please Pray for...  The leadership and finances of the church. Therese's mom. Maria, stress. Mike, to be saved. Healing for Cassandra's mom. Steph's knee. Winston & Maggie, strength. Marko. Lori, eye problems. Diane's niece, bad infection, surgery. Clyde & Judy. Rudy. Rosemary. Kristofer. Tanner.  Mia & Savannah. Cindy & Renee. Genevieve, being teased at school. Larry's mom, hospice. Joyce, health. 


A movement of purity at CCC. Tom's eye & heart. Colin's movie & brother. Daniel's brother & parents, salvation & struggles. Marius, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. Kenny, health. Dennis, foot recovery. Chris, to know God.  

The Cobin family. Jeff & Kevin. Diane, pain. Jim, patience. The discouraged & the lonely. Kids who are trafficked & abused. Brian, come back to Christ.

Robby's arm. Brad & Amy upcoming wedding. Arturo, cancer. Joe. Lenore. Wally & Ayclia. Tylor, to find his way.  Ronnie. Gina. Roza to heal faster. Dave. Breanna. Scottie. Sofia. Kevin. Micky. Don & Family. Karen Reynolds, foot. Nippa.  Savanna & Nic & Lawrence. Sawyer. Wally. Nori. Kevin. 

L.A.P.D. Dave & Alex. Kenny. For the CCC & GNC & Uganda & N. Korean kids. Hope of the Valley & Teen Challenge.

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