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Huh? Really?

Yes.  And here's why. It changes people for the better.  And if we can be honest, all the self-help books and all the talk shows really don't change peoples's hearts.

The Bible alone makes the promise of changing people at the root and it also makes the promise of being self-authenticating. If read it'll show itself to be true and supernatural.

But authoritative?

Yes. That too. But don't let it scare you. Deep down we are all searching for a voice that is smarter than ours, smarter than our parents, smarter than the smartest professor, and smarter than the smartest voice in the land, be it political or religious.

But how?

Not because we want it to be. And not because we believe it to be. But because it proves itself to be. It has changed people, families, marriages, companies, cities, countries. Follow it. Know it. Honor it. Fall in love with it. And nothing will be same afterwards.

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