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Sundays are serious.

Serious joy. Seriously good music. Seriously helpful sermons. 

Sundays are meant to connect people to God. And we take that seriously. 

We won't waste your time. We won't candy coat hard issues. We won't treat you like a number. We won't take ourselves too seriously. 

We will sing. We will pray. We will take communion and take an offering. We will preach sermons that matter, that are helpful, that encourage, and that aim for the head and the heart.  

We take these things seriously. We want to connect people to God, for we all desperately need Him.

We have a nursery and we have kids programs that preschoolers through sixth graders can go to half-way through the service. 

Our worship service starts at 10:00am.

We are located on Tujunga Canyon Blvd between Commerce and the Tujunga Post office.

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